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ESE Networks can provide a versatile and robust online platform for your city. The secure ESE platform can transform your community into a content producing, revenue generating machine. Let the ESE team show you how to utilize your content resources to build and brand your city.

The Mission of ESE Networks is to provide clients with a turn-key, secure, online TV network for generating revenue through content delivery, which in turn, builds fan bases and promotes interaction by utilizing the latest technology in online broadcast and on-demand video delivery, as well as analytic and social media applications. Click here to see a municipal demo.

Unparalleled Service

While all ESE networks boast 99.9% up time, and are simple to set up and maintain, you still might have a few questions along the way. Our team of experts are on standby to walk you through any task, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it’s troubleshooting your own equipment for a live broadcast, or you just need a refresher on updating content, we’re here to help!

Completely Customizable

ESE Networks doesn’t produce “cookie cutter” networks. While the robust, core features are universal, your city has the opportunity to customize your network with not only “look and feel” components but also custom widgets and feature sets. We’re always open to suggestions when it comes to bettering our networks, and have implemented many features our clients have asked for already.

Loaded With Power

Our services can scale across the most popular content delivery networks. We use only the best partners to help make our product a stand-alone solution for your company. Need a customized in-house solution? We can do that, too.

Guaranteed Security

ESE offers the highest level of content protection. Guaranteed. Our platform offers state- of-the-art content protection for every video you upload online. Unlike other content hosting sites, no one can download or steal your content from an ESE network without your permission. However, we are adding the capability for viewers to share your content across social media networks, driving more traffic back to your network.

Comprehensive Solutions

Your ESE Network, a television network driven through the internet, includes live HD broad- cast capabilities, archived meetings, public addresses, and so much more. Our platform offers the best all around solution for your community. Membership signup forms, searchable staff directories and photo galleries are just a few of the additional options offered that would allow your ESE network to replace your existing website.

Real-time Analytics

Keep detailed track of your growth. ESE offers intelligent analytics for your network– we focus on providing in-depth, completely customizable statistics to help you know how to better reach and serve your community.


Our feature set was designed with Cities, Governments & Municipalities in mind.

  • Filtering and searching news and videos within database
  • White label the site and showcase the your brand
  • Post content from your network to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Searchable staff directory
  • Job or bid postings that is automated by a custom scheduling tool
  • Membership or subscription-based revenue model to restrict who has access to certain content
  • Calendar of events for news and announcements
  • Open HTML areas to drop in custom widgets
  • Photo and video gallery with filters
  • Newsletter campaigns with scheduling tool
  • Customer sign-up areas for requesting newsletters
  • Viewable on all platforms including both android and apple devices
  • Live video capability in 1080p HD quality