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Sell Tickets

We offer a combination of ways to generate revenue for your live events. Whether you want a fan club with exclusive access to content or a pay-per-view model, we offer a variety of options.

Perfect for On-The-Go

Stay on the road? Our platform is perfect for you. Give fans exclusive access to your life on tour.

Awesome Support

Have a big event coming up? Let us know. We’ll be certain to be available to you in the case of an emergency. We’re by the phone 24/7 anyway.

LIVE Broadcast Concerts

With ESE, entertainers have the incredible ability to broadcast their concerts LIVE from any venue, anytime.

On-Demand Content

Not only do we boast LIVE broadcast capability, our platform’s ability to archive content for on-demand viewing has never been easier!

Full of Goodies

The ESE platform offers a state-of-the-art custom widget space for calendars, ads, social media feeds, or anything else your heart desires.