The Warrior Audio/Video/ Film Department of White County High School and the crew from WTVN-Warrior TV utilized the US Education TV network in unique way to help one of our students.

A White County High school student was diagnosed with treatable form of cancer and her prognosis would be good if she was immediately hospitalized and underwent extensive treatment. She was then admitted into a Atlanta Hospital 68 miles away from our school and began undergoing extensive cancer treatment. The student, a senior, was enrolled in AP Chemistry and another AP Academic classes and her absence could of greatly affected her academic standing and her future college plans.   WTVN–Warrior TV decided to use the US Education TV platform in a unique way, by broadcasting the students AP Chemistry classes live so the she could continue to stay academically involved in the classes while undergoing medical treatment at the Atlanta Children’s Hospital.

Because of this unique use of the US Education TV platform, our student was able to not miss a beat in her academics classes.  That’s will allow her to continue to stay on course for her college career.

Thank you US Education TV for providing us with the platform and the ability to stream to our audiences across the world.  This just added to the 80-150 live events we currently broadcast here at White County.  This also shows that US Education TV is the proven leader when it comes to broadcasting and student television.